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Adobe Photoshop VS Lightroom

There are several differences between Lightroom and Photoshop. If we should choose the best one by knowing their differences. Many users, mostly beginners they would not know that what is the best program to learn first? At that time of them is a hard choice because if they chose the better one then they could best at their projects. In this article, you will easily know the differences between them. Also, I can understand you in this article that how much tools are extra in Photoshop or in Lightroom and much more stuff in them. Before knowing them I ask you that what is actually Photoshop can someone tell me please in the comments? I can tell you below.

adobe photoshop VS lightroom

What is Photoshop?

In such an original way, Photoshop was a simple tool for simple image editing. But in 1990 the program turned in a monster software. In which you can apply more functions and so many capabilities. At that time so many artists, photographers, and much more experts join the team to make it more powerful. They made this program with full powers of image editing that can update and upgrade in future, but not only this also there are some special plugins known as “filters” in which you can apply on your image. The filters are some from Adobe and also some from the third party software companies. If you want to stitch multiple photographs in a single panorama? Or want to make High dynamic range photographs? Also if you want that I will make a post on “High dynamic range” photograph? Then please comment below and also rate this post. Or if you want to get rid of skin blemishes? Or you want to make a person taller, smaller, shorter, thinner, or fatter? Because you can do so many things in Photoshop. Actually, you can’t make a list of Photoshop because there are so much better things. There is no ending of Photoshop because Adobe updates Photoshop every year. This program is so useful nowadays because the traffic of it becomes more and more in every minute for Adobe from the whole world. Also in this, you can make your realistic images while if they are fake too. That’s the true power of this program.

adobe photoshop VS lightroom

What is Lightroom?

There is a full name too of this program known as “Adobe Photoshop  Lightroom”, which you may hear confusing because the program title also contains “Photoshop”. In a great and such way, they make sense between them, because of this that Lightroom also can be considered a subset of Photoshop with the awesome much better specific functionality that Photoshop can’t do and probably in future, they will never be done that work which had in Lightroom. The program is made for the great number of images, that keeps them in one organized place. I know that Photoshop is so powerful, advanced tool but for even hundreds of images there I have a choice of Lightroom. But personally I’ve not used too much Lightroom but in some cases, there is an option for me that I can use for 100 of pictures. If you are motivated then you can also check Adobe After effects VS Adobe Premiere Pro.

The program is a database-reader image management program that in which the program automatically reads image metadata (for example camera make and the model, even date and time of the image and much more in this), which is known as EXIF data. Also, write their new data known as “catalog” in Lightroom.  As you import your image into this program, then the Lightroom add additional information to your or mine image. Even the program allows you to tag images with your specific keywords, rating, and flags. In this method there is the very easy way to understand and find in a better way your image, also edit them, then you can export the best images quality directly through into some websites like Facebook etc. This type of option like tagging and indexing is not available in Photoshop, because of this that the Photoshop does not keep a database of their cataloged images. I hope you will get the idea that what is the best for you I will update this post in future too if I realized more differences in this two software. Also, if you are a beginner at blender you can follow my blender 5 tips and tricks to start your journey in the 3D world.

Do you want to buy one of this software?

The first of all question is that which software do you buy, Photoshop or Lightroom? All image manipulation tools are already available in Photoshop, so now don’t mind now about buying Photoshop. If you want to walk in my decision about this problem then I can recommend the Lightroom because it is easy then photoshop and understandable for beginners. I can suggest you a way that “If you run on the mountain to reach it then you can, but you were left most of the things that you’ve can learn at the lower part. Also, if you walk on your way to reaching the final destination of the mountain then you can reach the highest mountain on this planet like (Everest) just for example”. Also, below there are some reasons why Lightroom is better?

  • Lightroom is so easy, simple but not too simple, and understandable then Adobe Photoshop.
  • In Lightroom, you will be able to make your destination with so many images about 90% +, from which your brain will consist of the way to do not confuse in so many ways.
  • The Lightroom can make you more efficient because you will be able to underestimate a large number of images easily and quickly.
  • In Lightroom, you will easily organize your images by cataloging them and you will easily find your images.
  • Also, If you edit your images in Lightroom then it will be non-destructive.
  • In Lightroom, you will find your image metadata, but in photoshop you will not find that function.
  • if we accord to the price then Lightroom is cheaper then Photoshop.

There are so many other reasons for Lightroom but these reasons what I personally feel.

Adobe Photoshop VS Lightroom
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