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Blender 3D Quick Water Animation Step by Step

In this quick, simple and step by step tutorial of 3D in Blender, I want to show that you can create awesome realistic water from this tutorial. I made this tutorial very simple, easy and fast. If you have low-end PC then you can make the realistic water too but till then you should wait so much time for rendering it, but if you have a high-end PC or in medium range then you can easily create this realistic water by watching the below video or reading this full article, so you will understand in detail. By telling you in an easy way I had some main objects in it then you will easily understand and create the water in blender program of 3D.

Objects following below:

  • Tray
  • Water
  • Background Wall
  • Pipeline
  • Sun Or Lamp
  • Camera

Blender 3D Quick Water Animation

Step.1 – Tray

The first thing what we will need to make, that is the cube. For the cube, press Shift-A to open creator menu and after that go to Mesh then there you will find the way to create a cube. We will scale it by pressing S then Shift Z to scale on the Z axis. After that press Tab button on your keyboard (in windows), then select the face selector tool in your below menu above the timeline. Select the upper face with the help of your mouse, press X to delete it, select the faces in the deleting menu to delete the upper face. After these steps, add a solidify modifier in your sidebar menu. In the solidify modifier add thickness value 0.05, apply on It. That’s it, our tray is ready. If you had any problem while choosing the best video editing software of Adobe after effects VS premiere pro.

Step.2 – The Pipeline Circle

First press Shift-A to open the menu, where you can create so many things, go to Mesh and create a circle. After this, select the circle, press R X 90 (R for rotation, X for the x-axis, 90 to rotate at 90 degrees). Press G Y to grab on Y-axis direction. Then press G Z to grab on Z direction. You can move your viewing screen mode by pressing Shift F, then after pressing that press W A S D on your keyboard to move your viewing screen mode. Press Tab for edit mode then press F to fill the circle. Also, change the blender render to cycles render. Press Tab again to close the edit mode in blender 3D program. That’s it of the circle in blender 3D program not in any other. If you are confused while choosing which software is best for 3D.

Step.3 – Water Animation

We have done more things there is not too much, so first press Shift A and in the mesh create a cube. Scale it up by pressing S (make the size of the cube that covers the whole objects without camera and lamp or sun), also you can scale it on any axis by pressing S and with S press Y to scale on y-axis, X for x-axis and Z for z-axis, also you can set it up easily in wire mode by pressing the only Z. After setting it up, go to the cube tab in the sidebar, then scroll it down, change the maximum draw type to wire for changing on the cube to wire mode (not all objects). The way what we doing is that to change the pipeline circle fluid type to inflow (it means that we want the circle from which the water comes out, I mean flow out), also we will change the tray fluid type to obstacle (it means that we want to store the water in tray, not in any other objects), and also we will do one other thing that change the wire cube fluid type to domain (it means that we want, if the water fell down from the tray that it should not come out of the cube, also the cube becomes water) I hope you will understand the way. After all of this let’s do that in step by step, first select the circle, then go to the last tab in the sidebar. Then click on the fluid to make the fluid cycle. After this, Change the type of it to “inflow” and change the volume initialization to “Shell”. In inflow velocity options, change the Y value to “1”. Select the tray, click on fluid, and change the type of it to “obstacle”. Also, change the volume initialization to “Shell”. Select the wire cube, click on fluid, and change the type of it to “domain”. You can also change the resolution settings to make it clean, realistic, and much better, for that only change the render and preview settings (changing render value much bigger means that you want this object resolution more realistic only after rendered, not when you preview it in render mode and also if you change the preview value much bigger, so the Blender will show you the realistic water in render mode when you preview, not after rendered) the best way is, to increase the both options for making it more realistic, clean, and much better than previous result (in the video tutorial I’m using low-resolution settings to make my tutorial fast). After that, click on “Bake” and wait until it finished. If it is finished then play it and you will find an amazing animation of water. That’s it of water animation.

Blender 3D Quick Water Animation

Step.4 – Pipeline

The first thing in this step is press Shift A, go to mesh and then make a cylinder. Press G Y to grab the cylinder on the y-axis and take him to the pipeline circle. Then press G Z to grab on the z-axis. Press R X 90 to rotate at 90 degrees. Again press G Z to grab on the z-axis and set it up to the circle of the pipeline. Press S Y to scale it on the y-axis and make him longer as you guess that it is perfect while flowing the water from the pipeline. Then press Tab for edit mode then select the face selector tool, then select the two faces of the cylinder to be perfect to be a pipeline. Press X for deleting menu, and choose only faces on that menu to delete the faces. Press Tab again to close the edit mode. Then go to the modifier tab and make a new solidify modifier. Add the thickness value “0.03”, and apply to it. Press S Y to scale on the y-axis and make the width that covers the circle, also set it up with water perfectly. You can move your viewing screen mode by pressing Shift F. Press Tab for edit mode, select edge selector tool, then press & hold Alt Shift and withholding select the edges, also select the other side of edges too. Press N to open the right side menu. Scroll up, you will see the edges data tab and change the mean crease value to “1”. Press N again to close the right side menu. That’s it of the simple pipeline in blender 3D program.

Step.5 – Background Wall

First of all Shift A to open the creator menu, go to mesh and make a plane. Press G Y and grab on the y-axis to the half of the pipeline. Press R X 90 to rotate it on 90 degrees. Press S to scale it and also make it bigger than the tray. Also, press Tab for edit mode then select the edges selector and select the edges. Press E then Y to extrude it on the y-axis, also drag it up perfectly to the tray. That’s it of the background we have done that. For shortcut keys and some tips for beginners.

Step.6 – Sun or Lamp

We already had sun don’t worry about that but we will need some settings for that just keep these steps in mind follow me. Press G to drag it to the right place, also you can rotate by pressing R then go to the sun icon tab on the sidebar menu. After there, change the light type to sun from point. Don’t forget about that by pressing Shift F and W A S D you can move your viewing screen mode. After that, In the sidebar menu, you will see an option of “use nodes”, click on it. Change its strength value to “4.0”. That’s it of the sun, we are done with sun too. Let’s add some materials to change the colors.

Blender 3D Quick Water Animation

Step.7 – Adding Materials

First of all, select the water, go to the materials tab and add a new material. After that, change the surface type to “glass BSDF”. Change the IOR value to “1.33”, so select the tray, delete the previous material, add a new material. Of this just choose the color of it of your own. Select the pipeline, add a new material, and choose your color that’s It, Again select the wall, add a new material, and choose your color. That’s it we added materials to all objects. Let’s work on the camera.

Step.8 – Camera

So first Press 0 on your num pad on the right side of the keyboard. The num pad is available in computer keyboard not in the laptop, for laptop hold the “Fn” button and press “M” to type zero of num pad. After this you will see the camera is selected by this button so now press Shift F + W A S D to move it to the right place of directions.

Step.9 – let’s render it

First click on the camera icon tab in the sidebar menu, then scroll down, and you will find sampling option. By changing render and preview value in this option you will be able to remove the noise of the video after rendered also it will make your video so realistic. Scroll up and there you will find that where you want to save this file option, so on the left upper site click on file extension option and choose “H.264” extension. Because the blender 3D program is showing MP4 as H.264 file format. On the right choose “RGB”. Also scroll up and you will find the real resolution file options set it up and just click on animation to render it in moving object.

That’s it we have done our project plus article. If you really like this tutorial or article you can rate us below. Thank you for reading! I can update this post in future, so keep it in mind.

Blender 3D Quick Water Animation Step by Step
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