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Blender Animation 3D 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some 5 tips or you can call it tricks for full beginners. I suggest you a thing in blender that if you really have the emotion to learn blender fully like a pro then you will first learn its tips and so many tricks to learn it so fast and in very easy way that why I call the tips for “beginners” And so many others ways to create animation like a pro but first you will learn only some basics tips and tricks what I suggest you learn faster and easy blender animation. But it is not a tool of animation. Actually, it is a very powerful 3D software and program. Many people think that the blender animation program is not useful or just for 2D animation but actually that’s not true. Blender is very useful for many functions of 3D and 2D animation. It is so powerful, lighter and actually, you won’t believe that it is free of cost not paid program for windows. I don’t know about other OS systems that the program is free for them or not? So that’s it off the blender animation program introduction so let’s learn some tips of it.

blender animation 5 tips and tricks

Tip No 1:

The tip is very easy and useful for just for beginners! When for example you had a project at your school and you want to make your project fast and in the very easy way. That first you want to make for example a mesh or text and you are a very long way to make them but not an easy way. I tell you that how you make them in a long way ‘not very long but longer than the tip’. First, you will go to the sidebar and then you will find the mesh or text option in it but not directly actually first you will go to the sidebar then tools option then you will find that option to create your text or if you want to make mesh object or something else. But don’t worry about that I had a shortcut key for that to make your work easy and fast. ‘Press Shift-A’ to open that menu where you will find so many options to make mesh objects and text too.

Blender animation

Tip No 2:

The second tip is that when you have to worry about your late projects when you make it for your school or college and you want to remove easily, fast and simple the default mesh objects or more stuff that defaults to open the blender animation program. ”What you will need to do properly fast on that time at this program I mean the animation program!?” It’s simple, easy and fast that you can remove all your default objects when you open your blender program. First, when you open the blender you will need to select all by Press A double time in the blender then just simply Press X to delete that default objects. Then you’re free of any objects with my easy steps in there huh? If you will going to say me that its fully easy but I am already saying that for those who are really first time beginners in the blender. It’s done!

blender animation

Tip No 3:

The first two are very simple and easy to learn for beginners tips of blender who want their life to spend in animation and other stuff in the blender. It is also so simple easy to learn like previous ones. The tip is that when you actually want to see the object in moving your object in render mode in the blender while you are the beginner. For this, you will need to Press Shift Z to directly convert the full-screen mode to render mode. It’s done!

Tip No 4:

The fourth tip or you can call blender basics tricks is so easy and useful than previous ones. As I say it is very useful. When you want to move your screen mode like 1st person shooter games if you had play ever the games or if you not played the first person shooter then I simply teach that when you walk in your real life you will notice that you only see the front things but in real life you can also see your hands and so much other body parts of yours. “BUT” in first person shooter, you can also see your things not hands and other body parts of yours. That’s it to tell you guys that what is this thing actually? Let you teach the 4th tip of the blender in it. First Press Shift F to open that mode when you want to close that mode than Press Right click. It’s done.

blender animation

Tip No 5:

Here is the last simple and easy trick in the blender for other stuff like animation or something else. But in this trick, I am going to show you many shortcuts in the blender from which you can easily make your 3D or 2D object. Listed below:

Press Tab for object mode.
Press Z for wire mode.
Press R for rotation.
Press I to insert the keyframe in the timeline.
Press S to pick up the color.
Press E in object mode to extrude.
Press Ctrl D to duplicate.
Press A to select all.
Press Ctrl C to copy.
Press Ctrl V to Paste.

There are so many shortcut keys but that keys are often used in the blender to work fast simple and easy. Thanks for reading my article. I hope you will be able to join the 3D world of blender by this article.

Here is the bonus of the shortcuts hotkeys. If you like to read. There are so many hotkeys for the blender but this is just bonus. I know some are listed above but the new ones are listed below:

Basic keys:

Middle click to open pan.
Spacebar to search for function.
T to open toolbar.
N to open properties.
F12 to open render mode.
Ctrl+F12 to open animation render mode.
Esc to stop render.
F3 to save render.
F11 to show the last render.
Ctrl+Z to undo things.
Ctrl+shift+Z to redo things.

Hotkeys for movements:

Press G to move.
Press R to rotate.
Press hold Shift for precise movements.
Press hold Ctrl for increment movements.
Middle click, or X/Y/Z to lock the axis on any directions.

Blender Animation 3D 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners
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