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Adobe after effects VS Adobe premiere pro Differences


The main question about that what are the main differences between after effects and premiere pro? Should you use only after effects? OR Should you use only premiere pro for video editing and much more? But its answer is not too short defiantly. So let find its differences in it? But actually, the two programs are made in by one company. Below you will find some facts and something else about them.


Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Premiere Pro is a video editing program from which you can edit two or more videos together to its key functionality. The premiere pro is a narrative film, a music video, or any other type of video editor. Also, it is much lighter than Adobe after effects but also with that, this program had less functionality then after effects.
  • This premiere pro program has a lot of other functionalities but less then after effects like adding text, transition, editing audio even you can add some effects. But first, if you want that I suggest you a difference in it so that is this that in premiere pro you can easily edit any video audio but in after effects you can’t easily edit audio because there are so many functions of it. So a normal person will not understand easily.
  • But also the main difference between them is that the premiere pro timeline is much better to edit video and audio together then after effects. You can easily trim clips even moving them in your timeline is much easier than Adobe After effects timeline (for video purposes).

after effects VS premiere pro

Adobe After effects:

  • But now the official after effects is a lot of effects which you can apply to your videos. It is made for digital motion graphics clips, visual effects, and compositing.
  • The basic thing is that in this that you can edit titles, shapes, 2D animations, adding special effects and much more that you can easily full customize an object.
  • But special thing is that you can create motion in the text, images, and any other layer that you can’t do in Adobe premiere pro. It is so easy and much better in after effects.
  • There are thousands of special things in after effects that we can’t briefly describe here.

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Why should you use both for better results of your clips?

We cannot force you okay but, as you know if you’re expert that in many video projects there are many reasons to use both programs. In fact, if you are asked me that I answer you simply “I never used the premiere pro for my video editing but for some reasons, I am using it now. In nowadays I am using both for making it more perfect. I am using premiere pro for trimming my videos but for special effects like for my basic graphics motion and something more I am using Adobe after effects. You can use Adobe dynamic link to work easily then exporting it and then exporting- for example by talking to each other. In the new version of after effects, they added the Essential graphic panel to add easily title to your motion graphics clips. Still, the Adobe after effects is best for complicated motion graphics videos. I hope you will get the idea that what is the best program for video editing and for motion graphic in after effects and premiere pro. You can rate us below.

Adobe after effects VS Adobe premiere pro Differences
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