Monday , April 22 2019
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My self, Zohaib Sadique. My age is 16 years. I am a 3D Designer, Logo Designer, News Type Chroma Designer, Animator, Website Author and a Youtuber. I already write my destiny in PC computer to crush my passion in it since 10 years ago. I started work in computer while i am only 5 years old.

Zohaib Sadique

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My story is so complicated because when i know about to make money online in 2015 but first time i believe on it to make money online and then i started a Youtube channel too. But/and when i work on my channel since 2 months then in that time I think this is fake that “No one can make money online then why the labors works hard under hard sun? why they did not know that it is so easy to earn money online but after 1 month i think its actually true. Then again I become work hard on my Youtube channel. Also i know that it is not easy for anyone to make money online over the internet. “Its boring i know” but after 3 months I think again that it is fake. But finally after 2 moths i watch a video of a Youtuber that he get a play button on Youtube. Then i think that work again and again one day you will be success in making money online. I works at night because i want to teach someone to make my passion in working of computer. Then from that time i am working over the internet to become successful on internet. But finally i success on my website But then too i have so many hardness in my life. Because i believed on make money online but my family did not believe on making money online. Then i think that they did not believe on me why not make 3D graphics for a broadcasting news channel? then first i learned to make the 3D logo but in first time it is very poor graphics that i learned but after sometime i learned some classical logos in Adobe after effects. But after 2-3 months i search in google that what is the best program for 3D graphics than i found the lighter program blender animation 3D. Then i try to make a professional unique logo on that time finally i did that in 2018 in blender program. The picture bellow of the classical logo.

News logo 3D

Then i sell this logo first time on Fiverr and i connect the account of fiverr to my father’s bank account. Then i transfer my money by wire transfer method and i show the money to my family. Then they believe on me that i can make money online. The reason is that to do not  believe on me that i am too young and small. I did that when i am only 12 years old. That’s it of my story. Thanks for reading if you had any problem OR caught bugs on my this website you can contact me.